A story of dazed creative’s success

Award-winning author D’Anne Burwell came to dazed creative with a goal: Utilize Facebook Ads to help families struggling with a loved one’s addiction. Dazed Creative dove head first into learning as much as possible about those families, and increasing D’Anne’s revenue.

Her Story

D’Anne Burwell’s life changed forever when her firstborn son swerved onto the path of addiction. Since her son’s addiction surfaced, she has submerged herself in advocating for her son, researching to help her family and others dealing with their loved ones’ battle with the disease.  In 2015, D’Anne wrote a memoir recounting her and her family’s journey, entitled SAVING JAKE: When Addiction Hits Home. Through SAVING JAKE, D’Anne hopes to be able to share her knowledge about the disease, and help other families know they are not alone. 

Her Goal

D’Anne came to dazed creative on a mission to increase the reach of her message in order to help more people dealing with a loved one’s struggle with the disease of addiction. She also wanted to increase her revenues by 50%. We resonated so well with D’Anne’s mission as our goal at dazed creative is to help people, help people so we set out to do just that. 


Facebook’s tools generally provide significant feedback from current ad campaigns that we can use to create better, more targeted audiences for future ad campaigns by placing a pixel on the website. That pixel gathers information about Facebook users accessing the website in order to determine the characteristics of an ideal targeted audience for the ads.

The struggle with the campaign for SAVING JAKE was that we were unable to utilize the analytics stemming from Facebook’s ad pixel. Instead of driving traffic to her personal website, D’Anne’s goal was to drive traffic to Amazon where she sells her book. Unlike a client’s personal site, however, Amazon does not allow sellers to implement code on its site.  

Despite these limitations, however, we were still able to implement an effectively converting Facebook Ads campaign to benefit D’Anne and SAVING JAKE by:

  1. Working to deeply understand D’Anne’s target audience (or “avatar”);
  2. Generating some hooks and ad copy aimed at reaching that avatar;
  3. Introducing a simple video that would grab her avatar’s attention; and
  4.  Developing our own targeted audience based on our new understanding of the avatar.

Here at dazed creative, we know that by truly understanding a client’s avatar we can take their Facebook Ads, and their business, to the next level!  Our goal at dazed creative is to feel so connected with our client’s avatar so well that we can speak as if we are inside their head.

The details

First. In order to gain such a detailed understanding of D’Anne’s avatar, we utilized our tried and tested processes to gather information from our clients about their customers, analyzed that information, and translated it into usable intel to build the backbones of her campaign.

Second. After we did a deep dive into the mind of D’Anne’s avatar, we took that information and created multiple Hooks and versions of empathetic ad copy. We worked to reach her audience and convey to them that we knew how they felt by writing ad copy that mirrored their thoughts, and spoke to their pains and desires, making them intrigued to learn more.

Do you feel completely alone? In the grip of powerful emotions?  

Fear. Anger. Worry. Families dealing with addiction feel isolated. Shame and Blame.

In her raw and honest memoir, D’Anne Burwell shares the journey of her family through her teenage son’s heroin addiction. Rooting for Jake on every page, we come to share in his struggle and in his family’s hope for recovery.

Find hard-won wisdom. 

Every parent should read SAVING JAKE.

Third. We put together a simple video utilizing Facebook’s slideshow feature. By using multiple images set to music, we were able to reinforce our ad copy and help bring its message home. In addition, however, we made sure the video could stand on its own – an important strategy to ensure D’Anne’s message reached a wider audience including people that would not read the ad’s copy.

Fourth.  Once we had our video ready to go, we went back to our knowledge of D’Anne’s avatar to determine how best to target them.  Since we were not able to create an audience based on data from Facebook’s pixel, we spent a good deal of time researching the best Facebook “interests”. As the ads were running, we made sure to keep testing the performance of those interests and to optimized future ads based on the interests that performed best.

The results

By utilizing dazed creative to implement Facebook Ads, D’Anne was able to reach more families than ever before AND increase the money she earned through sales of her book.

After working with dazed creative to implement Facebook Ads, however, D’Anne was selling more than double the number of books per month!

Translation: a 123% increase in revenue.

Finally, and apart from any sales-related results, D’Anne’s Facebook Ads reached thousands of Facebook users, letting them know that they are not alone in dealing with their loved ones’ addictions.